All Dogs – “Georgia”

Columbus-based All Dogs don’t write songs, they write confessions. This isn’t wholly unexpected from a band emerging from Detroit-based Salinas Records, who put out the Radiator Hospital’s tender-hearted Torch Song earlier this year and champion aesthetically similar bands like Swearin’ and Joyride! “Georgia” is the kind that will make you want to keel over if you hear it in the right moment. There’s nothing really complicated about the band’s lyricism, which makes “Georgia” feel like a privilege to listen to, as if Maryn Jones is letting us into a private, fleeting moment of clarity: “I can’t be trusted, you were so sweet/ You gave me flowers and I stomped them under my feet/ I loved you, and I know that much is true/ But it didn’t stay, you know it never do.” So many songs are about being dumped, about being wronged by a significant other, but there are few sensitive great ones about being the wrongdoer. On “Georgia,” it sounds just as painful. Listen below.

“Georgia” is out 12/22 via The Le Sigh Vol. II.

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