Lil Wayne’s New Face Tattoo Doesn’t Mean What He Thinks It Means

Lil Wayne got some new tattoos on his face this week — one on his chin and another along his eyebrow, as depicted above — and tattoo artist Spider shared the ink work in a pair of Instagram posts. Now, if Wayne wants to cover his whole face with tattoos, more power to him, but he might want to shore up his translation next time he puts a foreign language on his body. As The Fader points out, El Arabiya News reports that the Arabic script on Wayne’s face is gibberish. It’s supposed to read “momma’s boy,” but according to Arabic speakers, it’s just a bunch of random characters. Somehow, I don’t think Tunechi will be bothered by this.

UPDATE: Commenter OuSema Set explains that Wayne’s tat is not exactly gibberish. The words are “kid” and “my mother,” so technically it’s close to the rapper’s intended meaning. However, various Facebook commenters note that it can also be translated “illiterate boy.”

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