14 More Songs From Madonna’s Rebel Heart Leak

Billboard reports that fourteen more Madonna demos have leaked, including a Pharrell collaboration called “Back That Up (Do It).” Last week, thirteen other songs of hers leaked, which she called “artistic rape” and a “form of terrorism” in a now deleted Instagram post. In retaliation, she released six tracks and announced a release date for her new album Rebel Heart on Saturday, jumpstarting the promotional process. “It’s thrown us all into overdrive,” Madonna said to Billboard in an interview. “We’re having to think outside the box. Think on our feet. I didn’t plan to put my record out this way.” She hasn’t directly addressed the second leak yet, though in an Instagram post from yesterday she may have hinted at them: “Real Rebels think for themselves! Real Rebels respect ART!” Here’s what all of the tracks are apparently called, via Idolator:

“Veni Vidi Vici”
?”Beautiful Scars”
“God Is Love”?
“Hold Tight”?
“Best Night” ?
“Inside Out” ?
“Tragic Girl”
?”Nothing Lasts Forever”
?”Back That Up (Do It)” (Feat. Pharrell)
?”Holy Water”
?”Graffiti Heart”?
“Body Shop”

Rebel Heart is scheduled for release on 3/10 via Interscope, though we’ll see if that date holds up. Poor Madonna just can’t catch a break.

[Photo via Madonna’s official website.]

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