Watch 2 Chainz Debate Nancy Grace About Legalizing Pot

Noël Wells’ SNL impersonation of reliably perturbed TV-news talking head Nancy Grace seems like a gross exaggeration, but when you actually watch this lady talking on TV, it’s possible that it doesn’t go far enough. She’s also a vocal opponent of the legalization of weed, which puts her at odds with everyone in rap. And last night, she had an improbably televised debate with 2 Chainz, not the first person you’d expect to go on TV and debate anything. But 2 Chainz turned out to be pretty good at this! He was calm, incisive, and not shy about the fact that he’d once called himself “Tity Boi.” Nancy Grace, meanwhile, talked all over him and acted like a lunatic. This is some oddly compelling TV, and you can watch it below.

I have to give Grace credit, however, for not howling, Won’t anyone think of the children? even once. I guess it was implicit.