Watch Sleater-Kinney Blaze Through “Surface Envy” On Conan

Sleater-Kinney haven’t yet started their first tour since getting back together, but they’ve already played two late-night talk shows. Last night, Carrie Brownstein led them through “A New Wave” on Letterman. And last night, the band blasted through “Surface Envy,” an early track from the triumphant new album No Cities To Love, on Conan. This is one of the songs Corin Tucker sings, and her voice is, once again, a thing to witness. At Sleater-Kinney shows back in the day, it would sometimes take her a few songs for Tucker’s voice to achieve pure firepower, before she’d start sounding like she could set viking ships ablaze just by howling in their direction. That wasn’t a problem last night; she was right there. And once again, this band remains plugged into each other to an insane degree, even with a new touring guitarist, Katie Harkin of the British band Sky Larkin, onstage with them. Watch the video below.

No Cities To Love is out now on Sub Pop.