Fluoride – “Sleep” (Stereogum Premiere)

Beach Fossils frontman Dustin Payseur has been laying fairly low since his band released their sophomore album Clash The Truth back in 2013, but that doesn’t mean that he hasn’t been busy. Just last year, Payseur and his wife Katie Garcia announced the launch of their label, Bayonet Records, and put out the first single from the Atlanta-based band Warehouse. Additionally, the duo noted that they will be releasing new material from Frankie Cosmos, Red Sea, Beach Fossils (whose contract with Captured Tracks expired last year), and three of Payseur’s side projects. Fluoride is one of those undertakings.

Payseur started Fluoride alongside Rene Nuñez of Herzog Rising back in 2012 when the two were playing in the noise-punk band Divorce Money, who are currently working on their debut LP. In March, Fluoride will release their first album Material, a collection of tracks that marry Payseur’s minimally rendered but massive-sounding production techniques with Nuñez’s discordant vocals. “Sleep” is the first single, an unmistakably industrial-tinged song that’s so noisy and blustering it’s practically atmospheric. Listen to it and check out the Material tracklist below.

Material tracklist:
01 “Androma”
02 “Glass Bricks”
03 “Cargo”
04 “Mass Mind”
05 “Collision”
06 “Clay”
07 “Sleep”
08 “Who Loves Me / Who Loves You”
09 “Headstar”

Material will be out 3/3 via Bayonet.

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