POP ETC – “Wicked Game” (Chris Isaak Cover)

Covering Chris Isaak’s 1989 boudoir ballad “Wicked Game” isn’t exactly an original move; indie types have been cranking out their own versions of the song for years. (The last time one popped up on our radar, it was Lydia Ainsworth in December.) But it’s not like it’s ever a bad idea to refashion that song. It’s a great song, and new versions of it usually turn out pretty lovely. The latest to take a stab at it are POP ETC, the former Morning Benders, who recently dropped a cover of the Gin Blossoms’ “Follow You Down” on us. POP ETC are working on a new album, and we’ve lately heard new originals, like “Running In Circles” and the Yoko Kanno collab “ís.” From songs like those, it’s clear that they’re on a real roll lately. Their new “Wicked Game” cover is further evidence; it’s a great showcase for their idiosyncratic vocal arrangements. Listen to it below.

POP ETC have a new album coming sometime this year, but we don’t yet have the details on it.