Bob Dylan – “That Lucky Old Sun” (Frank Sinatra Cover)

Last week, Bob Dylan gave his first interview in three years to AARP Magazine, in which he discussed his forthcoming album, Shadows In The Night, and his love of Frank Sinatra. The new Dylan LP can’t even really be considered his own — it’s a collection of songs that Sinatra made famous way back when Dylan was a kid. Dylan is calling this a Sinatra tribute album, but to be clear, this is a collection of songs that Frank Sinatra performed exceedingly well, songs that he is remembered for, though he may not have been the only person to record them. “That Lucky Old Sun” is a great example — the song was written by the legendary Beasley Smith and Haven Gillespie, and a slew of equally legendary musicians have famously performed it after Sinatra including Aretha Franklin, Sam Cooke, and Willie Nelson. Sinatra recorded his version the same year it was written, in 1949.

Dylan performed “That Lucky Old Sun” live with Tom Petty in 1986, and the song’s been a part of his live repertoire for quite some time. It appears that the official recording recently debuted on a German radio station. To be totally honest, the best part about this is the German host introducing Dylan as “Froggy Throat.” Listen to it here.