Quarterbacks – “Knicks”

The driving force behind Quarterbacks is Dean Engle, but their latest scant 55-second song “Knicks” highlights how essential drummer Max Restaino and bassist Tom Christie have become. Thick, booming drums and a carefully plotted bass line stretch the seconds into longer measures, as Engle holds an endearing one-sided conversation with a seemingly sad girl. He might not be in love with this girl, but he does let her mute the Knicks game to put on a record, and is intent on cheering her up until she gets that “cool boyfriend” he’s sure she’ll find. Just as the track settles into a narrative groove, it abruptly ends, implying either the listener is no longer invited to the party, or that she’s found that new boyfriend after all. Either way, listening to “Knicks” makes me wish I had a guy friend like Engle around when I’m feeling blue. Listen below.

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