Check Out The Jack White Scratch-Off Concert Poster

Jack White loves limited edition oddities, and he especially loves limited edition oddities that have something to do with him. Back in 2012, we wrote about a very limited edition “Triple Decker Poster” (which sold for $280) designed by Matthew Jacobson, of which there were only 75 made to accompany the release of Blunderbuss. Jacobson and Shelby Rodeffer have designed a new “scratch-off” poster for White’s Las Vegas shows, which comes with a specially designed coin to scratch and expose underlying images. If you’re lucky and scratch a winning combination, there are a few prizes involved.

  • If you scratch to reveal a redhead, blonde, and brunette you win the “Three Women Prize Pack” containing three limited edition records: a 7″ single by Tempest Storm, a 7″ single by Amy Walker, and an album by Olivia Jean.
  • If you scratch to reveal Neitszhe, Freud, and Horace you win the “Three Thinkers Collection,” containing the limited edition live LPs by Bill Burr, Neil Hamburger, and Reggie Watts.
  • Three matching Third Man men will win you a $300 gift card to spend online or in-store at Third Man Records.

Most of these posters sold out at the show last night, but Jackson and Rodeffer will be selling a limited number in the near future here.

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