Gang Of Four – “England’s In My Bones” (Feat. Alison Mosshart) Video

Next month, the legendary British postpunk institution Gang Of Four returns with the new album What Happens Next. At this point, the band only has one remaining original member, guitarist Andy Gill, so the album is going to include a whole lot of guest singers. Alison Mosshart, of the Kills and the Dead Weather, sings three of the album’s songs, and we’ve posted two of them, “England’s In My Bones” and “Broken Talk.” “England’s In My Bones” now has a video, and it’s got Mosshart slithering around an erratically lit room while Gill and the rest of the band play behind her. Somehow, Mosshart is an even more intense presence now that she’s bleached her hair. Watch it below.

What Happens Next is out 2/24 in the U.S. on Metropolis and 3/2 in the UK on Membran.