Gang Of Four – “England’s In My Bones” (Feat. Alison Mosshart)

Last night I returned from a two week long trip to China, during which I encountered many references to the original Gang of Four — Jiang Qing, Zhang Chunqiao, Yao Wenyuan, and Wang Hongwen. So, it is with great pleasure and newfound knowledge on my first day back at work that I present you with a new song by the band who chose to name themselves after some of the most despised figures in Chinese history. I feel like I never left. “England’s In My Bones” features vocals from the Dead Weather and the Kills’ Alison Mosshart, who also sings on “Broken Talk,” which we heard last year. Gang Of Four’s ninth full-length, What Happens Next, will be released next month. Listen below.

What Happens Next is out 2/24 in the US and 3/2 in the UK via Metropolis.

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