Hot Chip Tease New Music With Cryptic Phrase

Last year, Hot Chip’s frontman Alexis Taylor put out his first solo album, Awaits Barbarians, but the chirpy British group haven’t released anything as a collective since 2012’s In Our Heads. In an interview last year, Taylor confirmed that Hot Chip were indeed working on new material together, and a cryptic tweet today suggests that we won’t have to wait much longer for their return:

The link leads to a subset of the Domino Records site. It plays a few seconds of burbling synth and garbled vocals, and then displays the question: “WHY MAKE SENSE?” Whether it’s an album or song title, or some other sort of clue is yet to be seen. But it seems likely that new music is on the way soon, especially since they recently told a fan on Twitter to “watch this space.”

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