Watch Father John Misty Play “I Went To The Store One Day” In A Paris Restaurant For La Blogothèque

For years, the French website La Blogothèque has been making videos in its “Take Away Shows” series, in which artists play in public places, without amplification or camera cuts. The newest in the series is devoted to Father John Misty, whose astonishing album I Love You, Honeybear comes out tomorrow. The album ends with “I Went To The Store One Day,” a head-blown meditation on love and also a story-song about meeting his wife in a grocery store parking lot. It’s the only song from I Love You, Honeybear that he hasn’t been singing live lately, but he did sing it in December for La Blogothèque’s cameras. In his Take Away Show, Josh Tillman sang the song in a booth of the Paris restaurant Le Bon Georges, while his wife Emma looked on. A violin, a mandolin, and an accordion accompanied him. It’s a great song and a truly lovely video. Watch it below.

I Love You, Honeybear is out 2/10 on Sub Pop.