Lost Boy ? – “Hemorrhage”

Davey Jones initially started Lost Boy ? as a solo project, recording music alone using only a four track, but he’s since graduated from that solitude in order to make his forthcoming album, enlisting the help of what can comfortably be referred to as reigning kings of the local New York music scene. Canned will be out next month, and we’ve already heard the album’s first single “About The Future.” “Hemorrhage” has all of the markings of a Lost Boy ? song, but its lyrics are declaimed by Luke Chiaruttini, the lead singer of Staten Island heroes Bueno. Chiaruttini has a distinct, addictive drawl that’s unmistakable, regardless of who he performs with. By recruiting him, Jones has created something that the downtown punks of the ’70s would envy. It’s hard to say whether or not this song would be as effective without Chiaruttini, but as is, “Hemorrhage” slays. Listen below.

Canned is out 3/31 via PaperCup Music.

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