Lost Boy ? – “About The Future” (Stereogum Premiere)

The last time we heard from Lost Boy ?, the New York-based band was getting ready to release their debut full-length, Canned, and started things off with the driving and unforgettable “Hollywood.” After some label shuffling, the album ended up only getting a tape release last year, but it’s finally getting a proper release this March — it’s about time. Frontman Davey Jones and the rest of the band have been honing their skills on the Brooklyn show circuit for years now and it shows. Canned is a wonderful record, a slice of expertly-crafted muddy and irresistible punk. Nowhere is that more evident than on “About The Future,” a hazy fever dream of a track that feels ripe with possibility. It’s a great song for getting stoned alone at home, but it would also be cool with you venturing outside and exploring: “let’s go outside, see the clouds,” or “we could exercise, exercise our minds.” Whatever you do, “we don’t have to rush.” The track makes it feel like we’ve got all the time in the world. Listen below.

Canned is out 3/31 via PaperCup Music.

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