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Gia Margaret – “Babies”

Gia Margaret's wonderful debut album, There's Always Glimmer, is getting a worldwide re-release today, and it includes a fresh track called "Babies," which was originally…
James Rettig | May 24, 2019 - 10:59 am

Ava Luna – “Take It Or Leave It”

Ava Luna just released a new album, Moon 2, in the fall, and a few of its members have been busy with side projects: Felicia…
James Rettig | May 24, 2019 - 10:24 am

Fiona Apple – “In My Room” (Feat. Jakob Dylan) (Beach Boys Cover)

Echo In The Canyon is a new documentary about the Laurel Canyon music scene -- it hits theaters in Los Angeles today (5/24) and New…
James Rettig | May 24, 2019 - 10:02 am

Steve Lacy – “Hate CD”

Steve Lacy has been in the game for what feels like forever, but he's just getting around to releasing his first proper full-length album. Apollo
James Rettig | May 23, 2019 - 4:56 pm

Jonny Greenwood Thinks The “Slightly Unusual-Looking” Guy From SNL Should Play Him In A Movie

Who would play each Radiohead member in a biopic about the band? Good question! Jonny Greenwood has some thoughts.
James Rettig | May 23, 2019 - 4:39 pm

Rolling Stones Return “Bitter Sweet Symphony” Songwriting Credit To The Verve’s Richard Ashcroft

The Rolling Stones have returned the songwriting credit for the Verve's "Bitter Sweet Symphony" back to Richard Ashcroft. The song, the first single from the…
James Rettig | May 23, 2019 - 2:06 pm

Miya Folick – “Malibu Barbie”

Miya Folick's debut album, Premonitions, only came out last fall, but the Los Angels artist is already back with a new track. Today, the shapeshifting…
James Rettig | May 23, 2019 - 11:26 am

Billie Eilish Talks Mental Health In “Seize The Awkward” PSA

Billie Eilish is behind one of the more impressive pop debuts of the year, WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?, and the…
James Rettig | May 23, 2019 - 10:21 am

Album Of The Week

Album Of The Week: Cate Le Bon Reward

Cate Le Bon truly cannot stop creating. Since her last album, 2016's Crab Day, she produced Deerhunter's latest album and continued her fruitful collaborative partnership…
James Rettig | May 21, 2019 - 11:03 am


Stream The Glow’s Debut Album Am I

The LVL UP boys are all starting to do their own things: Dave Benton has Trace Mountains, Nick Corbo has Spirit Was, Mike Caridi has…
James Rettig | May 21, 2019 - 10:25 am


Horse Jumper Of Love – “Airport”

Last month, Horse Jumper Of Love announced a new album, So Divine, with the excellent Poison." We're another month out from the album's release, and…
James Rettig | May 21, 2019 - 10:10 am

Mannequin Pussy – “Who You Are”

Last month, Mannequin Pussy announced their third album, Patience, with the incredible "Drunk II," which made our list of the best songs of the week.
James Rettig | May 20, 2019 - 11:06 am

Gauche – “Pay Day”

The Washington, DC-based punk crew Gauche are releasing their debut album, A People's History Of Gauche, in a few months. They've already shared "Running" from…
James Rettig | May 20, 2019 - 10:46 am

Marilyn Manson Cast In HBO’s The New Pope

Marilyn Manson will appear in The New Pope, the follow-up to Pablo Sorrentino's popular HBO miniseries The Young Pope. As Variety reports, Manson's role in…
James Rettig | May 17, 2019 - 4:01 pm

Mark Ronson – “Don’t Leave Me Lonely” (Feat. YEBBA)

Next month, Mark Ronson is releasing a new album, Late Night Feelings. It's a collab-heavy affair, and we've heard songs that feature guest vocalists Lykke
James Rettig | May 17, 2019 - 3:04 pm

Comments from James Rettig

Hmm, I like Pageant Material a lot so I'm not sure if I'd agree with that, but I think a lot of the discourse around Dedicated might trend that way simply because of what a phenomenon Emotion was. Honestly, it was hard for me to write about something that I think is perfectly OK but here we are!
+12 |
May 16, 2019 on Premature Evaluation: Carly Rae Jepsen Dedicated
https://www.stereogum.com/2041262/pile-hair/music/ :)
+6 |
April 26, 2019 on Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments
that's what makes it ferocious
+16 |
April 26, 2019 on Ugh Taylor What The Hell Are You Doing?
Maybe I hedged a little on that one... I didn't realize the 'Pretty Odd' hive was that strong! But it is pretty damn good, right? "Northern Downpour"!!!
+10 |
April 26, 2019 on Ugh Taylor What The Hell Are You Doing?
yeah, i think you're missing something
+13 |
April 24, 2019 on Mannequin Pussy – “Drunk II” Video
wait i love this, what is it from?
+6 |
April 17, 2019 on Four Tet – “Teenage Birdsong”
uhh yeah it hasn't come out yet, fixed that
+1 |
April 12, 2019 on Men I Trust – “Numb”
per the press release, this was indeed inspired by "Judith" so you're on point
+3 |
April 10, 2019 on Charly Bliss – “Hard To Believe” Video
AOTW belongs to all of us now! I just happened to do the last few. This I just posted cus no one else was around to do it 🙃
+6 |
March 19, 2019 on Full Of Hell – “Burning Myrrh” Video
Just a joke, mostly! I've never cared about Andrew Bird and it certainly sounds like Andrew Bird.
+10 |
March 19, 2019 on Album Of The Week: Nilüfer Yanya Miss Universe
ezra koenig is my king
+15 |
March 8, 2019 on The 5 Best Songs Of The Week
lol ugh oops, fixed
+4 |
March 6, 2019 on It’s Blitz! Turns 10
They're both good, bloc! :)
+36 |
March 6, 2019 on It’s Blitz! Turns 10
they're coming next week :) https://www.instagram.com/p/BubxD6OgeZ-/
+9 |
March 1, 2019 on The 5 Best Songs Of The Week
ugh humbly thank you... i knew it sounded wrong but forgot to double check.
+2 |
February 27, 2019 on Hear Fred Thomas & Anna Burch’s Split 7″
oops sorry bout that
+1 |
February 26, 2019 on Big Thief – “UFOF”
Thanks for the edits, bud! Didn't know she moved. 'Turn Into' was a collection of demos tho :)
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February 19, 2019 on Jay Som – “Simple”