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Mary Lattimore – “A Unicorn Catches A Falling Star In Heaven”

The remarkable harpist Mary Lattimore has put a handful of songs up on her Bandcamp during quarantine, ones in which she tests out new instruments
James Rettig | July 3, 2020 - 11:01 am

American Top 40 With Casey Kasem Debuted 50 Years Ago Today — This Was Its Countdown

Fifty years ago today, the first episode of the syndicated radio institution American Top 40 aired. The first station to air it was KDEO, in…
James Rettig | July 3, 2020 - 10:19 am

James Elkington – “Beechwood Park” (The Zombies Cover) & “Corridor Country”

James Elkington released a new album, Ever-Roving Eye, a couple months ago, and today he's back with two new track. One of them is a…
James Rettig | July 3, 2020 - 10:12 am

John Carpenter – “Skeleton” & “Unclean Spirit”

Legendary filmmaker John Carpenter is releasing a two-song single today, his first piece of non-movie-related music since 2016's Lost Themes II. For these, he worked…
James Rettig | July 3, 2020 - 9:30 am

Christine And The Queens – “Eyes Of A Child”

Christine And The Queens have kept up a high profile during quarantine. Héloïse Adelaïde Letissier's pop project put out a new EP right before the…
James Rettig | July 3, 2020 - 12:03 am

Stream Animal Collective’s New Bridge To Quiet EP

Animal Collective have released a new EP called Bridge To Quiet. They announced it yesterday in a newsletter where they also addressed some adjustments to…
James Rettig | July 3, 2020 - 12:02 am

Animal Collective Change Old Album Title And EP Artwork Citing Racial Insensitivity

Animal Collective are putting their entire discography on Bandcamp tonight to coincide with the site's latest revenue share waiving day. They sent out a newsletter…
James Rettig | July 2, 2020 - 10:32 pm

Beatles Manager Brian Epstein Getting Biopic Treatment

Brian Epstein, the Beatles manager who was often referred to as the "fifth Beatle," is getting his own biopic. Epstein, who died in 1967 of…
James Rettig | July 2, 2020 - 8:33 pm

Duffy Asks Netflix To Remove Polish Film 365 Days For Glamorizing Rape

Welsh pop singer Duffy re-emerged earlier this year after a decade-long absence from the music industry. In an essay, she revealed that she was "raped,…
James Rettig | July 2, 2020 - 6:36 pm

100 Gecs Remix Album Out Next Week, Features Fall Out Boy & Black Dresses

For the last few months, 100 gecs -- the bonkers electronic duo made up of Dylan Brady and Laura Les -- have been teasing a…
James Rettig | July 2, 2020 - 4:25 pm

Fear Of Men – “Into Strangeness”

We haven't heard from Fear Of Men since the band released their sophomore album, Fall Forever, back in 2016. That record made our Best Albums
James Rettig | July 1, 2020 - 9:58 am

Kid Rock’s Big Ass Honky Tonk Sues “Communist” Nashville Over COVID-19 Restrictions

Earlier this month, Kid Rock’s Big Ass Honky Tonk And Rock & Roll Steakhouse had its beer permit suspended for repeatedly ignoring health department restrictions…
James Rettig | June 30, 2020 - 3:10 pm

Disclosure – “My High” (Feat. Aminé & slowthai)

Last month, the brother producer duo Disclosure announced a new album, ENERGY, the proper follow-up to their 2015 album Caracal. It features a stacked guest…
James Rettig | June 30, 2020 - 2:40 pm

Johnny Mandel Dead At 94

Johnny Mandel has died, as The New York Times reports. The composer and arranger was 94. Mandel was best known for his film…
James Rettig | June 30, 2020 - 2:25 pm

Fontaines D.C. – “Televised Mind”

Fontaines D.C. are about a month out from releasing their sophomore album, A Hero's Death. The Dublin band have shared two singles from it so…
James Rettig | June 30, 2020 - 12:33 pm

Comments from James Rettig

I hear ya. Revelation was maybe the wrong word choice there, but I do think there is value in using a lot of the same ideas and sounds but making it more compulsively relistenable. I've listened to a lot of Arca over the years, but I can't say I've ever really latched onto an album of hers like I have this one. It definitely hits different because of how relatively accessible it is, and that's something I also enjoy.
+11 |
June 22, 2020 on Premature Evaluation: Arca KiCk i
Japandroids actually got pushed back to next week, but yes
+8 |
June 16, 2020 on Album Of The Week: Braids Shadow Offering
yeah, try now - sorry, we've been having some trouble with whatever script is supposed to ~unfurl~ our embeds :)
+1 |
May 24, 2020 on Watch Yeah Yeah Yeahs Perform A Socially Distant “Phenomena”
I looooove "Holly" and also always wondered why it didn't make it on here. Probably my favorite song of theirs. Weird that "2HELLWU" would get repurposed and not that. I also still sort of think "Beach Girls" is better than "Kids"
+7 |
May 22, 2020 on Treats Turns 10
oh wow, i completely forgot about this cover - i definitely listened to it 100 times in high school
+2 |
April 29, 2020 on Dynamite Hack’s “Boyz In The Hood” Paved The Way For 20 Years Of Awful Acoustic Rap Covers
Indeed, have taken that out for Tom.
+2 |
April 2, 2020 on Turbo, Gunna, & Young Thug – “Quarantine Clean”
Whoops, an oversight! In there now
+13 |
March 31, 2020 on Album Of The Week: Yves Tumor Heaven To A Tortured Mind
i also drove a saturn ion (icy blue) during this era, fun car
+2 |
March 30, 2020 on I Will Be Turns 10
the 2010s didn't happen
+7 |
March 3, 2020 on Sonic Boom – “Just Imagine”
Ay I actually mostly agree with you! I hope it didn't come across like I take this stuff suuuper seriously. I find most of it pretty funny, but it'd be disingenuous not to talk about it at all
+24 |
February 19, 2020 on Premature Evaluation: Grimes Miss Anthropocene
We'll certainly be talking more about it when the whole thing is out in May
+22 |
February 18, 2020 on Album Of The Week: Kamaiyah Got It Made
Joel Little was such a dweeb during this whole thing, always saying yes to the worst ideas... maybe that's just what they chose to show in the doc tho... I feel like the one scene they showed with Jack A had him like shooting down half her lines for "Getaway Car" to get her to do better..
+4 |
February 3, 2020 on Miss Americana Attempts To Reaffirm And Redefine Taylor Swift’s Good Girl Image. It Doesn’t Totally Fail.
Bands have grasped for less!
+3 |
January 29, 2020 on Little Dragon – “Hold On”
Yeah, this ^ You don't get something like "Prior Things" on Painted Shut, though I do think most days that's probably my favorite Hop Along album.
0 |
January 29, 2020 on Album Of The Week: Frances Quinlan Likewise