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Erika de Casier – “No Butterflies, No Nothing”

Last year, the Copenhagen-based musician Erika de Casier released her debut album Essentials -- not the only good album named Essentials to come out last…
James Rettig | October 20, 2020 - 3:10 pm

Tegan And Sara’s Memoir Being Adapted Into TV Show By Clea DuVall

Last year, Tegan And Sara published their first memoir, High School, an excellent chronicle of the twin sister duo's coming-of-age years. Now, as Deadline reports,…
James Rettig | October 20, 2020 - 2:46 pm

The Outfield’s Tony Lewis Dead At 62

Tony Lewis, the lead singer for the British band the Outfield, has died at 62. Per a statement, he "unexpectedly passed away" near his home…
James Rettig | October 20, 2020 - 1:59 pm

Album Of The Week

Album Of The Week: Magik Markers 2020

Magik Markers are an anachronism. They don't feel beholden to any current music trends; no whiff of '90s alt-rock revival or '80s pastiche can be…
James Rettig | October 20, 2020 - 11:39 am

Steve Perry Denies He Started Crying When Eddie Van Halen Got Guacamole On His Jacket In 1978

There were many touching tributes to Eddie Van Halen in the wake of the musician's death earlier this month. There have also been some funny…
James Rettig | October 19, 2020 - 5:23 pm

Rapper Arrested For Unemployment Fraud After Rapping About Committing Unemployment Fraud

Fontrell Antonio Baines, a rapper who performs under the name Nuke Bizzle, was arrested for unemployment fraud after rapping about committing unemployment fraud, as The
James Rettig | October 19, 2020 - 4:56 pm

Skullcrusher – “Farm” & “Lift” (Radiohead Cover)

The debut EP from Skullcrusher, the perhaps deceivingly-named spectral folk project of Los Angeles musician Helen Ballentine, came out digitally back in July. It's getting…
James Rettig | October 19, 2020 - 3:08 pm

Watch Jarvis Cocker Cover The Velvet Underground And The Fall For New Exhibition

Jarvis Cocker's new-ish band JARV IS... -- who released their debut album Beyond The Pale back in July -- covered the Velvet Underground and the…
James Rettig | October 19, 2020 - 1:52 pm

Adele Is Hosting SNL Next Weekend

Adele is hosting Saturday Night Live next weekend on 10/24 opposite musical guest H.E.R. This will be her third appearance on the show and first…
James Rettig | October 18, 2020 - 2:30 pm

Watch Phoebe Bridgers Perform With Conor Oberst & Christian Lee Hutson For Save Our Stages Fest

Phoebe Bridgers performed as part of the Save Our Stages Fest last night from an empty Troubadour in Los Angeles. The virtual event saw a…
James Rettig | October 18, 2020 - 1:05 pm

Watch Foo Fighters Perform Acoustic Set From Empty Troubadour For Save Our Stages Fest

Last night, Foo Fighters performed as a part of the Save Our Stages Fest, a virtual event that saw a bunch of artists playing from…
James Rettig | October 18, 2020 - 12:50 pm

Watch Miley Cyrus Cover The Cranberries, The Cardigans, The Cure, & More

Miley Cyrus loves covers. She's spent the last few months showing up at basically any virtual event that will have her, doing tracks by Blondie,…
James Rettig | October 18, 2020 - 12:36 pm

Watch Justin Bieber Perform With Chance The Rapper On Saturday Night Live

Justin Bieber was already on Saturday Night Live once in 2020, back in February when he brought along Quavo and sang songs from his pre-pandemic…
James Rettig | October 18, 2020 - 10:33 am

Watch Run The Jewels Perform RTJ4 In Full On Holy Calamavote Special

Last night, Run The Jewels' Holy Calamavote concert special aired in conjunction with Adult Swim and Ben & Jerry's. Killer Mike and El-P performed their…
James Rettig | October 18, 2020 - 10:19 am

Steady Holiday – “Living Life”

Dre Babinski released her last album as Steady Holiday, Nobody's Watching, in 2018. Since then, she's covered a Christmas classic and a Weezer song and…
James Rettig | October 16, 2020 - 4:21 pm

Comments from James Rettig

We sort of have been doing that for the last few months, but it's also hard to decide who gets a description and who doesn't. And then y'all read into it too much ;)
+10 |
October 20, 2020 on Album Of The Week: Magik Markers 2020
As the list became more comprehensive, it's just been too time-consuming. Scott said we could drop them and so here we are
+12 |
October 20, 2020 on Album Of The Week: Magik Markers 2020
Other albums of note note: We're doing away with the descriptions! Bring your own adjectives from here on out ;)
+9 |
October 20, 2020 on Album Of The Week: Magik Markers 2020
lol yeah i felt bad seeing everyone get super excited over in the AOTW comments. but it's still pretty fun!
+10 |
October 7, 2020 on The Postal Service Hold Band Auditions For Anne Hathaway, Kenny G, Japanese Breakfast, & More
Ha ... embarrassed because Seven is the only Fincher movie I haven't seen. Was actually planning on watching it this weekend 🙈
+16 |
September 30, 2020 on The Social Network And 10 Years Of Reznor & Ross Scores
c'mon, you can't seriously be stanning SALEM in one thread and talking shit on "intentionally poor/apathetic singing and lazy-ass drum programming" in another i like both :)
+10 |
September 15, 2020 on Album Of The Week: Devi McCallion & Katie Dey Magic Fire Brain
DC is better than TYLS, but it's Beach House so they are both good
+15 |
September 2, 2020 on Premature Evaluation: Bill Callahan Gold Record
"the wrath of pop culture" describes the VMAs pretty well
+11 |
August 30, 2020 on Watch Lady Gaga Accept The Inaugural Tricon Award At The VMAs
Oof, I had no idea about all that. Noted and changed.
+5 |
August 25, 2020 on Album Of The Week: Kelly Lee Owens Inner Song
lol it's what i prep from 6pm til now ;)
+12 |
July 17, 2020 on Stream Nicholas Jaar’s New Album Telas
Ha, I do actually like The Social Network a lot as a movie (sucker for Sorkin and Fincher) but it is certainly very of its time. I'm ready for The Social Network Part 2 about Cambridge Analytica :)
+17 |
July 7, 2020 on ΛΛ Λ Y Λ Turns 10
Yeah, lol... the problem(?) with Waxahatchee is that I could do 3 or 4 different top 10 lists and still leave out songs I'd die for. Truly too good.
+11 |
July 6, 2020 on The 10 Best Waxahatchee Songs
I hear ya. Revelation was maybe the wrong word choice there, but I do think there is value in using a lot of the same ideas and sounds but making it more compulsively relistenable. I've listened to a lot of Arca over the years, but I can't say I've ever really latched onto an album of hers like I have this one. It definitely hits different because of how relatively accessible it is, and that's something I also enjoy.
+11 |
June 22, 2020 on Premature Evaluation: Arca KiCk i
Japandroids actually got pushed back to next week, but yes
+8 |
June 16, 2020 on Album Of The Week: Braids Shadow Offering
yeah, try now - sorry, we've been having some trouble with whatever script is supposed to ~unfurl~ our embeds :)
+1 |
May 24, 2020 on Watch Yeah Yeah Yeahs Perform A Socially Distant “Phenomena”
I looooove "Holly" and also always wondered why it didn't make it on here. Probably my favorite song of theirs. Weird that "2HELLWU" would get repurposed and not that. I also still sort of think "Beach Girls" is better than "Kids"
+7 |
May 22, 2020 on Treats Turns 10
oh wow, i completely forgot about this cover - i definitely listened to it 100 times in high school
+2 |
April 29, 2020 on Dynamite Hack’s “Boyz In The Hood” Paved The Way For 20 Years Of Awful Acoustic Rap Covers