James Rettig

James Rettig


it's really good :)
The instruments are a little crisper, her enunciation is cleaner but it's mostly the same song. I assume she's mostly doing these for movie/TV/commercial sync purposes because that's where the real money is (as opposed to streaming/general listening) so for that it works well enough.
l’ve always loved “Stars 4Ever” in terms of deeper cuts
Great song. Was going to talk about the “acoustic” version on the first installment but never really found a place for it
Honestly did not even realize this. That’s a travesty! They’re still in my iTunes as EPs so the “album” tracklist doesn’t really mean anything to me... (I did notice “Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do” is not the opener anymore though, which is a bummer.)
"First Love/Late Spring," a song that premiered on Stereogum and got 0 comments :)


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