WIN WIN – “Couch Paranoia”

Alex Epton, Chris Devlin, and video artist Ryan Sciaino (bka Ghostdad) have been releasing music as WIN WIN since 2010. The trio has stayed relatively quiet since their LP Double Vision dropped in 2012, but they’ve returned with the new single “Couch Paranoia” after announcing yesterday that their latest project would be released by Arts & Crafts. “Couch Paranoia” is the A-side to WIN WIN’s new digital 7-inch; the B-Side is entitled “Waster.” Both tracks are officially out today. Listen below to “Couch Paranoia,” a strange and surreal leap for a band that once reminded us of LCD Soundsystem.

(via The Fader)

Couch Paranoia is out now via Arts & Crafts.

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