Hear The Inevitable Beck And Beyoncé Mashup “Single Loser”

Apparently, this had to happen. After Beck beat Beyoncé for an Album Of The Year Grammy on Sunday night, and after Kanye West jumped to Beyoncé’s defense, Beck and Beyoncé have been held up as opposite poles of pop-music stardom, even though they probably have zero feelings about each other. And so now some horrible person has mashed up both artists’ most obvious songs, Beck’s “Loser” and Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies (Put A Ring Into It)” into something that might’ve got a bit of dorm-party play if it had come out in 2008. The songs fit together better than you might expect, though the anonymous masher-upper did us no favors by doing a sloppy job isolating Bey’s vocal and throwing the “Loser” samples out haphazardly. Experience the awkwardness below.

If you’re one of these “Beck is a real musician” truthers, please note that his best-known song is him rapping over a sample.