Tenement – “The Fire Is Out”

Midwestern punk band Tenement formed in 2006 but sound like they could’ve assembled in 1985 after a Replacements show. The fuzzy three-piece’s recorded output is something like an iceberg, with only one LP out and an expanse of unreleased EPs, tapes, and singles below the surface. Next month, 10 Tenement tracks will see new life as Bruised Music Volume One, a compilation of material from the band’s first three years of existence. We got our first taste with “Spaghetti Midwestern.” Now, we have “The Fire Is Out,” a remarkably economical song, packing in two skyline-blazing choruses, two charging verses, and a wobbling guitar solo, all with time to spare for a stomping back-exit escape. Though the album cover’s stark binary palette and vampire-like outstretched claws might bring to mind a Bauhaus coldness, the music owes more to Black Flag than anything remotely post-punk. Listen to the song below.

Bruised Music Volume One is out 3/10 via Grave Mistake and Toxic Pop Records. Pre-order it here or here.

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