Metro Thuggin – “Free Gucci”

Yesterday was Gucci Mane’s 35th birthday, so two of Atlanta’s prominent weird-rap figures Young Thug and Metro Boomin (under their Metro Thuggin guise) incorporated the ubiquitous cry of “Free Gucci” into a tribute for their incarcerated guru. It’s a surprisingly melodic, stately song; Metro Boomin samples an operatic aria, lending a somber air to the pair’s usually raucous style. That feeling abruptly ends when Young Thug takes a break from the chanting “everything Gucci” on the hook to start rapping in his berserk squawk: “Harry Potter with a broom / Drinkin on lean and shrooms.” It’s the kind of bizarre line that could’ve just as easily come from Gucci himself, and the kind of juxtaposition that you can’t help but laugh at. The artwork for the track, pictured above, is an Instagram post from the last time Gucci Mane was released from jail. This collab follows up two other new Metro Thuggin songs from a few weeks ago, indicating that their promised full-length project is still in the works. Listen below.