Hiko Momoji – “Late Nights” (Feat. Father & Abra) Video

Since Hiko Momoji’s cute and chirpy “Late Nights” is already an ode to Netflix-and-wine romance, the New York-via-London producer released a video for the track on Valentine’s Day. In case you were too busy on a date to catch the cuddly clip when it dropped this weekend, it’s a peek into the hang out session that Father and Abra imagine on their respective verses. Watching Abra rap wrapped in tinsel, wine glass in hand is especially entertaining, and when the pair cuddle they almost look like a real couple rather than just Awful Records label mates. Father is already on the radar off the strength of Young Hot Ebony, but hopefully this song will help put some shine on Abra, who might have the stronger verses here. Between the Hello Kitty suckers, candy hearts, blankets, wine, and tinsel, directors Rob Coin and Kamil Boguski have given us a lot to like here. Close watchers will catch a brief glimpse of Momoji himself at the end. His debut tape Howl is due this month, and if the rest of his material is as strong as this, it’ll be one to look out. Watch the video below.