Hiko Momoji – “Late Nights” (Feat. Father & Abra)

London’s Hiko Momoji is set to drop his Howl EP next month, and while his first release “Mirage Island” wafts by on instrumentals only, this second song “Late Nights” is a whole different story. Plush and chirpy, Momoji’s production works like a blanket fort for Father and Abra from Atlanta’s Awful Records to flirt and cavort in. The two trade verses about binge-watching Netflix, snacking forever, and blowing off the friends who don’t understand that sometimes the mini-world two people can create together is better than reality. When Father raps, his rhythms are so uncanny and relaxed it always sounds like he’s on the verge of laughing, but when Abra sings “come in my cocoon” his muffled chuckle is enough to signal the adult nature of this sleepover. Grab a beer and a boo and press play on the closest thing to a love song that these Awful Records rappers have been involved with yet.