Stream Jawbreaker Reunion & PWR BTTM’s Republican National Convention Split

Two Bands To Watch enter the arena … only one leaves alive? Or something like that. Jawbreaker Reunion and PWR BTTM have teamed up for a new split release, which they put out on Valentine’s Day, called Republican National Convention. (Coincidentally, they’re both my favorite bands to search for on Twitter to see what stupid people are saying about their great band names.) The two Bard College-based bands are on their A-game here: In addition to the momentous “Hold Yer Tongue,” the PWR BTTM side contains two absolute knockouts with “Sacramento” and “BCMBD,” and JBR bring their slumber party punk to new heights, including a new track called “The D” and an inspired cover of the Magnetic Fields’ “Andrew In Drag.” It’s a fun time all around, and you can listen to the whole thing below.

Republican National Convention is out now.