Alex G – “Change”

Long before Orchid Tapes released his fifth full-length, DSU, and the world subsequently fell to his feet, Alex G was a quiet underground hero with a steadfast band of followers. A lot changed in 2014. The Philly-based songwriter, who used to put out his music via Bandcamp for a select community of listeners, is currently touring Europe, and two of his earlier albums, Trick and Rules, will be reissued in physical formats later this year by Lucky Number. We heard a remaster of “Sarah” last month, and today the label has shared the cleaned up version of “Change.” On “Change,” Alex G sounds like he’s falling apart at the seams. His voice warbles in a pre-sob falsetto, like he’s building a tiny house out of popsicle sticks that’s about to collapse because he’s doing so in front of an A/C unit or an industrial fan. It’s a melancholic exploration of moments long since passed, a fragile web of free associative nostalgia. “Remember when you took too much?/ I didn’t mind being your crutch,” he sings before pinning the song’s declarative centerpiece, “I don’t like how things change.” Listen below.

Trick will be re-released 4/6 via Lucky Number.

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