Marching Church – “Hungry For Love” Video

Elias Bender Rønnenfelt, the Iceage frontman with the enviable cheekbone situation, is about to release The World Is Not Enough, a solo album that he recorded under the name Marching Church. Rønnenfelt worked with members of bands like Lower and Choir Of Young Believers on the LP, and we’ve already posted the first single, the seven-minute Nick Caveman vamp “Hungry For Love.” The song’s new video, which Rønnenfeldt co-directed with Lukas Bay Højlund and Lower’s Kristian Emdal, is a murky and disconnected pileup of out-of-context imagery: Blue-lit close-ups, nighttime cityscapes, flashes of neon Japanese writing. Check it out below.

(via VMAN)

This World Is Not Enough is out 3/31 on Sacred Bones.