Spinee – “Hell Hound” Video

Spinee is one of PC Music’s most underrated assets — between “Save Me” and her one-two punch Pretty Green release from late last year, she’s racking up a fair share of hits. “Hell Hound,” the bark-filled opener from her stellar 64 Thousand Dollar Bombs mix, has just gotten a deliriously weird video courtesy of Sam Lyon, an artist who makes gelatinous GIFs on his Jelly Gummies Tumblr. There are so many absolutely insane parts of this video that I feel compelled to point out: the oversized bubblegum dog that keeps on getting bigger until he’s on the verge of exploding, or the cheerful sun blob that spits out dogs until he drowns in a pool of his own nosebleed, or the Banksy-style sketches of dogs walking dogs and the ALF-looking creatures that float across the screen at the end. It’s a gigantic, glorious WTF of a video that I can’t stop rewatching. Experience it below…

You can download “Hell Hound” here.

Tags: Sam Lyon, Spinee