Chrissie Hynde’s “Incredibly Frank” Memoir Coming This Year

Chryssie Hynde, the rock legend best known as the lead singer of the Pretenders, is slated to release a memoir this fall. Penguin Random House announced today that Hynde’s “incredibly frank” memoir will cover everything from her childhood in Akron, Ohio to the Pretenders and their success during the ’70s punk scene, along with the tragic deaths of original band members James Honeyman-Scott and Pete Farndon.

According to a statement Hynde, 63, released through her publisher, she has hopes that the book “would make people dance, have fun, possibly cry and maybe reach for a guitar.” The memoir is as yet untitled, but based on the buzz that Kim Gordon’s memoir Girl In A Band has generated this year, and the sweeping success of Patti Smith’s Just Kids in 2010, it seem there is definitely an audience for memoirs from that period. As of now, the memoir is slated for release on September 8.

[Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images.]