Record Store Day Announces 2015 Release List

Record Store Day Announces 2015 Release List

Record Store Day just announced its list of exclusive releases, and as usual, it includes a lot of noteworthy vinyl pressings as well as a few that you will see and think, “Why the hell would anyone ever think it necessary to own that on vinyl?” For example: the soundtrack to the first four seasons of Sons Of Anarchy, or, you know, the deluxe edition of U2’s Songs Of Innocence. There are some intriguing gems to be found on the list, though. Among them:

  • Father John Misty’s I Loved You, Honeybee 7″, which was pressed on heart-shaped vinyl and features “I Loved You, Honeybee” (an alternate version of “I Love You, Honeybear”) and the new, exclusive “I’ve Never Been A Woman”
  • J. Dilla’s Love 7″, which features unreleased material, as well as a 45 of “Fuck The Police” shaped like a police badge
  • D’Angelo’s The Charade 7″ which features both “The Charade” and “1000 Deaths” from Black Messiah
  • A 10th Anniversary special-edition pressing of the Decemberists’ Picaresque
  • A reissue of Grizzly Bear’s 2004 release Horn Of Plenty on “splatter treated” colored vinyl
  • Metallica’s 1982 demo tape No Life ‘Till Leather reissued on cassette
  • Mastodon’s single “Atlanta” on a 12″ picture disc
  • The Flaming Lips’ two rarities EPs, Bad Days and This Here Giraffe, on colored 10″ vinyl
  • Foo Fighters’ Songs From The Laundry Room, a 10″ with previously unreleased early ’90s demos including a song called “Empty Handed” and a cover of Kim Wilde’s “Kids In America”
  • A vinyl reissue of the Dead Milkmen’s fourth LP, Beelzebubba, originally released in 1988
  • Courtney Barnett’s Kim’s Caravan 12″ which includes a cover of John Cale’s “Close Watch”
  • Vampire Weekend’s Step 12″, which includes the remix featuring Danny Brown, Heems, and Despot, as well as an instrumental version of the track
  • A Run The Jewels 12″ with 4 songs including the previously unreleased “Bust No Moves” featuring SL Jones

The only thing missing is Father/Daughter’s killer compilation Faux Real II, which you can read a feature about here. Check out the full list of releases over at Record Store Day’s official website.

The releases were unveiled in an event at Brooklyn’s Rough Trade, where Annie Clark, Todd Barry, and the B-52s’ Fred Schneider and Kate Pierson appeared on a panel:

Record Store Day is Saturday, 4/18. This year’s RSD ambassador is Dave Grohl.

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