FKA twigs – “Glass & Patron” Video

First things first: FKA twigs is going to release a new EP this year. That’s great news! “Glass & Patron” is the first thing we’ve heard from it, and twigs’ new video for it just appeared online as one of the videos that this year’s YouTube Music Awards have thrown up online. (A rescored version of “Glass & Patron” already appeared in twigs’ Google Glass “concept film.”) The video, which twigs directed herself, is easily one of the best of the year, a staggering vision that nobody else could’ve pulled off. (She also directed the “Pendulum” video, and we’re going to have to call her, among other things, one of the best video directors working right now.) It starts off as a surreal Cronenbergian take on pregnancy, and it turns into David Lynch making an Aaliyah video at a vogue ball. It also serves as the best evidence we’ve yet seen that twigs is an absolutely incredible dancer. Seriously, you need to get a look at this thing. It’s below.

The new twigs EP, presumably called EP3, is out later this year.

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