H&M’s Coachella Clothing Line Is Here

Earlier this year, we found out that Coachella and H&M would be extending their long-time partnership with a new venture: H&M Loves Coachella, a clothing line inspired by the California music festival. Coachella has become a place where aspiring fashionistas can trot out unique new looks, so it only makes sense that a massive chain retailer should want to capitalize on that and make sure that everyone is wearing the exact same pieces of clothing. They’ve just rolled out the line’s lookbook and it’s filled with pretty much exactly what you’d expect: flower headbands, flowy pants, intricate necklaces, vaguely Native American-inspired pieces that border on offensive, and even some tank tops and flannel for the bros. They’re clothes that may fall apart after only a few wears, but I guess that makes them a perfect fit for a day in the desert. The collection is on sale in stores now, just a few weeks before Coachella gets underway. You’ll also be able to purchase them on-site in Indio. Check out some of the pieces above, and look at the whole line here.

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