Pinkwash – “Cancer Money” & “Skin”

Some things you might like to know about the Philly-via-D.C. duo Pinkwash. They’re affiliated with the great D.C. punk band Priests, releasing music on that band’s Sister Polygon label. They’ve recently signed with don Giovanni. They’re heading out to tour Europe with Waxahatchee. They know the right people, in other words. This wouldn’t matter if their music didn’t have its own power, but it does. Pinkwash play a fiery, feral form of math-punk, getting locked into these enormous grooves that have their own geometric logic, which isn’t necessarily one you’d recognize. They’ve just released a 7″ with two intense, fractured new songs, “Cancer Money” and “Skin,” and you can hear them both below.

You can get those two songs digitally at Bandcamp or buy the vinyl here.

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