Stream Ava Luna Infinite House

Infinite House, the latest and best album by Brooklyn’s Ava Luna, is streaming online in full today. We’ll get to that momentarily, but first, a few words about the record’s stand-out single “Steve Polyester,’ which also emerged online today on its own.

Ava Luna is an underground supergroup of sorts. In Brooklyn, each member is known for varying creative pursuits beyond the band, and all of their intersecting talents align to create records that sound as sonically diverse as the personalities that arranged them. To those familiar with Ava Luna, it’s always obvious who the guiding force is behind particular tracks. We’ve heard Carlos Hernandez’s ode to financial distress “Billz” and the sticky pop of Felicia Douglass’ “Coat Of Shellac” but now it’s time for Becca Kauffman’s contribution. “Steve Polyester” is a work of art that stretches beyond musical boundaries and reaches out to fill different, equally satisfying brain spaces. It’s a kaleidoscopic narrative story told through spoken-word, as comical as it is confounding. “Steve Polyester” is the most memorable track on Ava Luna’s forthcoming album Infinite House. Kauffman told The Fader the following about the song’s storyline:

Steve Polyester: An unknowable idea of greater-ness embodied in a figure whose mythical lore has made him an omnipresent entity and an Answer. Steve is a benevolent sphinx, a vase breaking in reverse, our psychological janitor. Hold up a mirror to see him. What is he?

In addition to playing in Ava Luna, Kauffman is both a comedian and performance artist, so it’s wholly enjoyable to listen to her other influences tumble out of this new song. Listen to “Steve Polyester” below.

Infinite House is out 4/14 via Western Vinyl. Stream the whole thing at The New York Times.

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