Ava Luna – “Billz”

Ava Luna’s Electric Balloon was one of the most underrated albums of 2014. A glassy collection of punctual harmonies and hyper-stylized R&B-inspired arrangements, it’s as unmistakably sexy as it is nerdy, a robot with a lot of feelings. Today, the Brooklyn-based band announced that they will be releasing a third full-length entitled Infinite House later this year, and shared the album’s first single. Adoration for Ava Luna typically stems from the band’s genre-bending and unconventional instrumentation, but their lyrics are rarely emphasized, and that’s what makes “Billz” stand out as unique alongside previous releases. The central choral question “Who’s gonna pay my bills?” is stamped out by carefully penned and precise concluding prose, “I’ve made up my mind, I will find one small moment and I’ll text you/ And I’ll fact-check every reference that I make, learn the language to impress you/ ‘Cause I’m yours, and if you tell me that you’re mine, you’re the one I’m getting next to/ But our love ain’t gonna pay my bills.” Listen below.

Infinite House tracklist:
01 “Company”
02 “Tenderize”
03 “Steve Polyester”
04 “Roses And Cherries”
05 “Coat Of Shellac”
06 “Infinite House”
07 “Black Dog”
08 “Best Hexagon”
09 “Billz”
10 “Victoria”
11 “Carbon”

Infinite House is out 4/14 via Western Vinyl.

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