The 10 Best Moments Of Coachella 2015 Friday

There’s every other festival in America, and then there’s Coachella. Every year, it feels like it matters just a bit more than the others. It’s the oldest, dating back to the final moments of the ’90s, so its infrastructure is tight and its organizers know what they’re doing. It’s first, so all these bands are debuting the sets they’ll play at about a million other festivals. And it has more potential to pull off a big moment than any other festival; Bonnaroo still hasn’t had its Tupac Hologram situation. So every day of this year’s festival, I’ll look at everything I saw and pick the best moments. (Before you ask, I didn’t see Flying Lotus, Interpol, Todd Terje, or a few others, so that’s why they’re not here.) Check out the words with photographic proof above, and when you’re done stream the fest here.