Night Beds – “Tide Teeth”

If you have even an inkling of what my taste is like, it will be pretty obvious that Night Beds’ Country Sleep was one of my absolute favorite things to come out in 2013. Now, Winston Yellen, the man behind the project, is taking his trembling-lip-country-lullabies farther away from Nashville and further toward Toronto’s blossoming late night R&B. In December Yellen released one-off “Me Liquor & God” which hinted toward this amorphous, more electronic sound, and “Tide Teeth” confirms that he is definitely making that leap. It’s not super surprising since synthy, sad bedroom-R&B seems to be ubiquitous these days, but I do miss the country skeleton that was intact under his older material. Guess I’ll always have “Ramona.” Listen below to the new track below.