Hear An Outtake From The Wrens’ New Song “Three Types Of Reading Ambiguity”

The Wrens already shared one outtake from their first new album in 12 years — which is officially done, hallelujah, and is coming out on a label this year — and now they’ve offered up some music that was excised from album track “Three Types Of Reading Ambiguity.” As they explain on SoundCloud, it’s a very short section cut from a very long song:

Another to end on the cutting room floor, unmixed. Nixing this middle section shaves over a minute off the song and brings it down to a more presentable AM-radio-hit length of a mere 8 minutes.

As for the sound of it, although the Wrens promise it won’t be on the level of The Meadowlands, it sure sounds a lot like The Meadowlands, which can only be good. Listen below.

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