Turnover – “Humming”

Turnover are a Virginia-based band on the cusp of releasing their sophomore album, Peripheral Vision. Most of their songs support heavy, sad emotions with a gossamer mesh of guitar work that borders on shoegaze but moves too nimbly to get caught up in staring at the floor. I previously wrote about Turnover’s “Cutting My Fingers Off” when we chose it as one of our best songs of the week, and “Humming” could’ve probably garnered that distinction too. If “Cutting My Fingers Off” is about a loss so deep it feels like a missing limb, “Humming” is the precursor to that loss. “I know that I can make it out/ With you I know I’ll make it out alive,” Austin Getz sings with hopeful appreciation, making this song the quiet calm before an unsuspected storm. Listen to the new song below, and also check out the jittery paranoia of “New Scream.”

Peripheral Vision is out 5/4 via Run For Cover. Pre-order it here.

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