Watch Meryl Streep & Rick Springfield As Middle-Aged Rockers In The Ricki And The Flash Trailer

Meryl Streep is starring in a movie called Ricki And The Flash about a middle-aged rocker that returns home to her family and all the drama that entails. Diablo Cody, who is the screenwriter for the film, based Streep’s character on her own mother-in-law, Terry, who fronted the Jersey Shore rock band Silk And Steel.

Here is the poster for the film, where you can get a great look at the side braids Streep rocks in the movie:

Rick Springfield is also in the cast, and from the way things look in the trailer, he plays Streep’s love interest. Other notable actors in the cast include Sebastian Stan and Kevin Kline. Watch the trailer below. In it Springfield and Streep perform the song “Cold One,” which was written for the film by Jenny Lewis and Johnathan Rice.

Ricki And The Flash is in theaters 8/7.