De La Soul Raised The Second Highest Amount Ever For A Music Kickstarter

Back in March, De La Soul launched a Kickstarter campaign, hoping to raise money to record a collab-heavy new album. The plan succeeded beyond anyone’s expectations. After seeking to raise $110,000, the veteran rap trio ended up with $600,874, which makes it the second-most-lucrative music-based Kickstarter campaign of all time. (Amanda Palmer’s controversial “loss leader” $1.2 million campaign still holds the #1 spot, and it’s hard to imagine anything topping that, especially given this New York Times piece about how Kickstarter donations are not safe investments.) With that money, De La are now free to avoid label concessions in putting together the album, and they tell The New York Times that they plan to use the money on recording the album, as well as on marketing, making videos, and maybe putting together a tour. In the meantime, they’ve already shared the non-album Nas collab “God It” as a sort of good-faith offering. Whatever happens with the album, it’s cool to see that so many people are willing to put up money to support a perpetually underrated rap group a quarter-century removed from their first album.

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