Brandon Flowers Agrees 150% With “Blurred Lines” Ruling

The multi-million dollar “Blurred Lines” lawsuit left most of the music industry spinning, and plenty of people have given their two cents on the matter. Unsurprisingly, former Growing Pains star and Robin Thicke’s dad Alan Thicke disagrees with the ruling against his son. In an interview about his new show Unusually Thicke, Alan said of the verdict, “It’s not a healthy precedent.” Now, the Killers frontman Brandon Flowers has addressed the situation, and he is siding with the Gaye Family.

In an interview with NME Flowers said he “agrees 150% with the verdict” and there are “so many bands that should get sued.” He went on further:

I’m so sick of hearing people steal. I hate it. I hear it all the time, but I’m not gonna tell you which bands. I won’t because I don’t wanna start a whole thing.

Name names, Brandon! The singer has been very vocal on various subjects in the press cycle leading up to the release of his second solo album, The Desired Effect. He also discussed some old comments he made about Kanye West, and the possibility that the Killers will record a new album because their last one “wasn’t good enough.”