Tanlines – “Pieces” Video

Tanlines have been poking fun at the whole idea of an album rollout as they prepare to release their second album Highlights. Maybe when something as absurd as your hard drive blowing up happens, this whole process loses its edge of seriousness. So, they turned their website into a Netflix parody, streamed the whole project via a conference call, and today, premiered the video for “Pieces” on FunnyorDie.com. Even if it’s a bit of a spoof, the video is a really cute story of Jesse Cohen and Eric Emm playing basketball, driving through Venice Beach and Santa Monica in a convertible, and meeting some cute girls. In the end, they face off against another duo on the basketball court, who beat them rather handily. But that doesn’t even matter, because they can still drive around a beach town, singing along to their own song, hands out the window in a convertible. Watch it below.

Highlights is out 5/19 via True Panther. Pre-order it here.

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