Watch Foo Fighters’ Surprise Covers Set At A California County Fair

Last year saw Dave Grohl taking things to another level with his HBO documentary series and the massive, mainstream new Foo Fighters record, Sonic Highways. But that doesn’t mean Grohl and his crew are above turning up at a random county fair and playing a bunch of covers for an unsuspecting crowd. According to Reddit user The_Eraser_, that’s what happened last weekend at the Conejo Valley Days Carnival in Thousand Oaks, California. Dave Grohl, Foo Fighters’ guitarist Chris Shiflet, and keyboardist Rami Jaffe showed up to join Taylor Hawkins’ flawlessly named cover band Chevy Metal.

Watch Dave Grohl get excited about fried Twinkies and a snippet of the band doing the Vapors’ classic “Turning Japanese”:

Here’s them covering Bryan Adams’ “Summer Of ’69” (word to Ryan Adams’ recent version):

A partial video of them doing AC/DC’s “Let There Be Rock”:

This one might be my favorite, a rendition of the David Bowie/Queen dramatic “Under Pressure”:

Van Halen’s “Panama”:

And a longer clip of them doing both the Knack’s “My Sharona” and the complete rendition of “Let There Be Rock.” Grohl also waxes eloquent about his AC/DC fandom and how their music was the first thing he heard that ever made him “wanna break shit.” That’s a great endorsement in my book. Watch it below:

I can think of few places that would be better to hear that song than a small county fair. Apparently, they also played the Rolling Stones’ “Missin’ You” but there is sadly no video of that one yet.

Here’s their complete setlist:

(via The_Eraser_)