Watch A Raunchy Miley Cyrus & The Flaming Lips Debut “Tiger Dreams” At Adult Swim Upfront

Miley Cyrus debuted one of her long-in-the-works collaborations with the Flaming Lips during her performance last night at the Adult Swim Upfront at Terminal 5 in New York City. Wayne Coyne joined the pop singer halfway through her set to do a song called “Tiger Dreams” from their forthcoming joint album. While introducing the song, Cyrus said: “As you can imagine, Wayne doesn’t listen much to Katy Perry, and I had to tell him that she already has a song called ‘Tiger’ and that we can’t do that. So this is ‘Tiger Dreams.'” Presumably, she’s referring to “Roar,” which goes “I’ve got the eye of the tiger…” Watch the video below.

And that little aside doesn’t even scratch the surface of what Cyrus said during the performance. As Billboard reports, at one point the singer covered Khia’s classic “My Neck, My Back” and introduced it as such:

Bitches, you better sing the shit out of this song! Do you know how many times I turn on the radio and hear somebody ask me to suck his dick? This is the best song! Now suck my fucking pussy!

She also talked about her new charity The Happy Hippie Foundation, which she launched last week with videos starring Joan Jett and Laura Jane Grace:

I’m not one to slow down the party, but there’s some people here wearing some suits and ties and shit, so I’m guessing there are some people have money. But there’s some people who have money and don’t have clean shoes and underwear, and that’s what I’m doing with my foundation. We’re not changing — I gotta get used to saying this, because it’s real now — we are changing the world. And I’ll be here, because there’s a bar, if you guys wanna know how to get involved.

She also covered Johnny Cash’s “A Boy Named Sue,” Paul Simon’s “50 Ways To Leave Your Lover,” and Led Zeppelin’s “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You,” all of which she’s done live before. Here’s the full setlist for the night:

“SMS (Bangerz)”
“Do My Thang”
“A Boy Named Sue” (Johnny Cash cover)
“50 Ways To Leave Your Lover” (Paul Simon cover)
“No Freedom” (Dido Cover)
“Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You” (Led Zeppelin cover)
“Tiger Dreams” (w/ the Flaming Lips)
“A Day In The Life” (The Beatles cover) (w/ the Flaming Lips)
“My Neck, My Back” (Khia cover)
“We Can’t Stop”
“Love Money Party”