The Flaming Lips & Miley Cyrus Are Nearly Done Mixing 7-Track Album

The musical collaboration and friendship between the Flaming Lips and Miley Cyrus has been well-teased and well-documented but, outside of two Beatles covers, we haven’t really seen anything significant come of it. We know that they’ve been working on music together for a while, and finally Wayne Coyne revealed what they’ve been up to. In a new interview with Billboard, Coyne says that he’s currently putting the finishing touches on a seven track collaborative album. And how is it gonna sound? “Some of it reminds me of Pink Floyd and Portishead.”

The pair split their recording time between the Lips’ Oklahoma studio and Cyrus’ house in Los Angeles. “Her studio is just a little room with a desk and Miley was just sitting there mixing,” he told Billboard. “I was like, ‘I can’t picture Beyoncé doing this!’ It’s not a ­putdown of Beyoncé. I just don’t see her recording her own vocals and then EQ’ing it. It’s so punk rock!” We don’t know much else, though the two of them were recording with Ariel Pink for something last month. No word on when the album will be out, but presumably it’ll see daylight before the end of the year.