David Crosby Apologizes For Calling Daryl Hannah A Poisonous Predator

Last year, shortly after Neil Young said that CSNY would never tour again, David Crosby went on record with The Idaho Statesmen saying some very nasty things, most notably that Young’s new girlfriend Daryl Hannah — who he started dating after divorcing his long-time wife — was a “purely poisonous predator,” adding that Young was “gonna get hurt” by the relationship. Crosby later tweeted that he had no regrets about the comments he had made. A few months down the line, though, he’s now changing his tune.

In a new interview with Howard Stern, he backtracked:

I’ll tell you the truth about that … I screwed up. I shot my mouth off when I shouldn’t have done it and here’s the real reason why: I’m a screw-up. I have screwed up massively. Daryl Hannah never wound up at a Texas prison. I’m screwed up way worse than that girl. Where do I get off criticizing her? I love Neil and I want him happy … I apologize Daryl. If you’re out there – I had no right, I have nowhere to stand to look down and criticize you. I apologize. I should not have done that. It was completely of line.

Here’s the relevant clip from the show: