STS x RJD2 – “Doin’ It Right” Video

What the hell is going on in Philadelphia lately? It seems like every time I turn around there’s another incredible punk act or all-girl band that completely slays indie rock stereotypes. The latest from the city of brotherly love to buck preconceived notions are the soulful and clever collaborators STS and RJD2, who just released a joint album. Of course, RJD2’s biggest claim to fame is his instrumental composition “A Beautiful Mine” — aka the theme from Mad Men. Are you paying attention now? OK then, back to their new album: It came out a few weeks ago and kicks off with the jubilant, syncopated “Doin’ It Right,” which gets a party-happy video today. The last time a rap song made me feel this carefree and exultant I was listening to Acid Rap. Shouts out to that cheerful, passionate live brass section too. Watch the video below and check out a stream of their whole album if you missed it.

If that left you wanting more, stream the whole album here:

STS + RJD2 is out now via RJ’s Electrical Connections. Get it here.

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