Night Beds – “Tide Teeth” Video

Turns out last month’s Night Beds’ single “Tide Teeth” was the precursor to a new full-length. That new song was a pretty big change in sound from his 2013 debut, Country Sleep, trading in woodsy folk for slippery late-night-drive R&B, and the new album seems like it will be more of the same: Winston Yellen even cites his love for J Dilla in the press release. The new album is called Ivywild, and the announcement comes paired with a slick new video for “Tide Teeth,” which follows around a woman who eventually reaches her breaking point and lights everything up in flames. Sounds a lot like what Yellen is doing to his old sound! Check out the video below.

Ivywild cover

01 “Finished”
02 “Corner”
03 “Me Liquor And God”
04 “Seratonin”
05 “Tide Teeth”
06 “Sway(ve)”
07 “[9-6] slack-jaw”
08 “Eve A”
09 “On High:”
10 “Melrose”
11 “Lay Your Hands”
12 “All In Good Time (I Get You Wrong Interlude)”
13 “Moon Sugar”
14 “Love Streams”
15 “I Give It”
16 “Stand On My Throat”

Ivywild is out 8/7 via Dead Oceans.