Deadpool Flashes Run The Jewels’ Logo In Latest Marvel Comics Tribute

Like so many of us, the people at Marvel are big fans of Run The Jewels. And earlier this year, Marvel’s artists worked the group’s fist-and-gun hand sign into the covers of two of its books, Howard The Duck #2 and Deadpool #45. Right now, those Marvel people are busy remaking their entire comic-book universe in the big Secret Wars crossover series. But they haven’t let that from throwing in a third shoutout. As DIY reports, there’s now a third RTJ Marvel cover. On Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars #1, Deadpool, the loudmouthed masked mercenary who Ryan Reynolds played in the deeply shitty X-Men Origins: Wolverine throws up the RTJ sign. Deadpool now seems the be the biggest Run The Jewels fan in the Marvel Universe. I knew there had to be something worthwhile about Deadpool.