jj – “Truce”

Last year, the permanently zooted Swedish pop duo jj changed their name to capital letters and blew their sound out into something grand and expressive for the V album, maybe the best thing they’d ever recorded. But now jj have a new single called “Truce” coming out, and they’ve reverted to lower-case and to their old lo-fi insularity. But they still sound huge, somehow. “Truce” manages the odd trick of sounding like insular bedroom drug-pop but also sounding like Drake. It’s got a lovely central melody, and it’s also got some seriously badass lyrics: “I’m on the news / I hear my enemies screaming, ‘We want truce!’ / I don’t need anything I do approved / And when I’m in the nude, I’m in the mood.” This is a pretty great song, and you can hear it below.

“Truce” is coming out this month on Sincerely Yours.

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